Curriculum Outline and Schedule

Corporate Digital Learning Design Program

The module-specific themes, actions & outcomes, expected student contribution and the schedule of the program are shown in the table below:

Online Study Schedule (Fall 2018)

Module Themes Actions & Outcomes produced by participants Expected student contribution  Date & Time
Kick-off Program Introduction: Focus, Objectives & Methods

Introduction of Participants

Practical Arrangements, Guidance for Online Studies

Personal Study Plan

Personal Introduction

Description of Corporate Assignment

Online self-study, assignments Sep 1st  2018 –
1. Corporate Digital Learning Strategy: From Ideas to Action Introduction to Corporate Digital Learning

Developing A Pedagogical Mindset For Workplace-based Learning

Corporate Digital Learning Strategy, Developing a Roadmap

Economics of Learning, Return on Training Investment

Developing a Business Case for Digital Learning

Draft/Proposal for Digital Learning Strategy (my company)

Learning Development Roadmap (my company)

Return on Training Investment Estimate (my course)

Business Case Proposal (my project)

Online self-study, assignments (group/individual), start corporate assignment Sep 1st – 15th 2018
2. Successful Planning and Execution of Digital Learning Development Projects Project Planning

Digital Learning Content Development Process

Outsourcing and Subcontracting Digital Learning Development Services

Project Plan (my project)

Request for Proposal (my subcontracted services)

Online self-study, assignments, continue corporate assignment Sep 15th – 30th 2018
3. Learning Concept Design and Scriptwriting Introduction to Instructional Design and Learning Experience Design

Pedagogical Fit: Selection of Methodologies, Pedagogical Usability

Concept Design of Digital Courses: Tools and Methods

Scriptwriting, Storyboarding: Tools and Methods

Digital Storytelling

Concept Plan (my course)

Manuscript & Storyboard (my course)

Online self-study, assignments, continue corporate assignment Sep 30th – Oct 21st 2018
4. Enriching The Concept: Rapid Development Tools and Production of Rich Learning Multimedia Introduction to Rapid Development Tools

General Tips and Advice for Course Compilation

Responsive Learning Content Development

Tool-specific Tutorials (e.g. Adobe Captivate, Articulate Rise, iSpring)

Course prototype (my course) Online self-study, assignments, continue corporate assignment Oct 21st – Nov 11th 2018
5. Implementation, Delivery, Follow-up and Assessment of Digital Learning Programs Successful Implementation Strategy

Course Delivery Options and Technical Enablers

Follow-up and Assessment Procedures and Systems

Course Lifecycle, Maintenance and Updating

Course Assessment Plan (my course)

Delivery System Prototype (my course)

Online self-study, assignments (group/individual), finalize corporate assignment Nov 11th – Nov 18th 2018