Workability Programs

“In a competitive and globalised world, companies cannot afford to lose talented and motivated staff. In aspiring to quality excellence, companies need to demonstrate flexibility and adaptability not only in innovation regarding products, but in how they recruit, retain and value staff. This means a new approach to coping with changes that happen through accidents, illnesses, ageing or trauma. Providing world class quality in accessible and inclusive employment practice is not expensive when planned and undertaken in proactive ways. Our Workability Programs are designed to support and guide your organization in this transformation process.”

a_bruce_smDr Alan Bruce
Director, Consultancy Services & Strategic Development
Co-founder of ChangeLearning


Our Workability Programs are an all-in-one service package including all the elements your organization needs to be able to improve its workability. Our programs allow you to…

  • Understand the demands of work environments and work practices from the viewpoint of diverse, aging workforce
  • Focus on employee capabilities rather than restrictions
  • Implement the required actions and establish accommodations that improve the workability of your organization
  • Benefit from the investments made in workability – improved staff well-being , significant cost-savings

The key benefits our programs provide to your organization:

  1. Maintain expertise, competence and knowledge
  2. Retain motivated and qualified employees
  3. Promote work-cultures that truly value inclusive work
  4. Reduce costs in training replacement staff
  5. Reduce cost claims related to employee illnesses and absence
  6. Foster innovation and creativity in design

The programs are tailored to each client organization to ensure desired impacts and maximized benefits. For example the following topics/modules can be included in the program:

  • Diversity Management
  • Environmental Impact Analysis
  • Universal Design
  • Adaptable Environment management
  • Job Analysis
  • Risk Assessment
  • Accommodation Strategy and Tools (Disability)
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Innovative Engineering and Technology deployment
  • Rehabilitation Planning
  • Inclusive Workforce Design
  • Human Resources Planning

Workability Standard

Our programs are based on the Workability Standard. It’s a framework established by the leading experts of rehabilitation and workplace accommodation to define the key elements of an inclusive, adaptable workplace. It is used to analyze the work environment, work culture and processes, and to establish a step-by-step process towards a better and more inclusive workplace. Workability Standard is the most complete instructional framework ever developed for rehabilitation professionals. It is founded on leading research on workplace accommodation & inclusion, and it applies the knowledge & experience gained in various work environments around the World.


Program Structure

Workability Programs include 4 modules, which allow a systematic a step-by-step approach towards the desired goals.